Too busy to blog – reflections on a very busy and positive year!

It has been an incredibly busy and positive year for LUCSUS in terms of research, with a number of PhDs finalising their theses on agroecology in Uganda, EU:s biofuel regulation, coastal erosion and governance in the US, and Swedish municipalities’ engagement with citizens. As lead of LUCSUS I have had my plate full! We submitted a record number of grant applications for new and exciting research projects to a range of funding bodies such as Formas, Vetenskapsrådet and Vinnova.

Our research have been highlighted in both international and national media such as Sveriges radio, SVT Science and various newspapers, as well as online media outlets on energy and development. We have issued a range of press releases on topics ranging from sanitation and the use of the menstrual cup in Tanzania, wine and climate change, successful energy transitions, and transdisciplinary models for municipal and research collaborations.

It is also significant that our research is garnering a lot of attention among both media and stakeholders, since this shows that society as a whole is thinking about challenging questions of sustainability transformations if we are too maintain and create a good life on earth for all. We have also made head way in exploring new and emerging research areas such as social movements in climate change governance, forest and energy governance intersections with climate change, decolonizing research and critically examining intersectionality and climate change.

So while I have been too busy to blog – now we can have a break and reboot for the Autumn!

In the Autumn we will embark on reenergizing our thinking on the future of our field. This will be under the banner ’Frontiers in Sustainability Science’ which includes strategy for research, teaching, and understanding impact (social change) out of/from our work, within the broader context of Agenda 2030. We will be continuing with thinking about how we push outwards and upwards with sustainability.

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