Today I Choose to Highlight Efforts by Students and Researchers to Make Our Planet Great Again

While the news about Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement has been likened to ‘a slap in the face’ to the global community, I would like to contrast this against efforts helping to make this planet great again, to quote Macron!

This past week I have been engaging directly with students and future researchers in sustainability, geography, development, and climate change who have been presenting their final theses work. Our LUMES MSC students shared their work on how small-scale communities live with the lack of energy access in DRC, communities in Central Asia live with the creeping environmental disaster of water scarcity, and in India there are opportunities for vernacular – locally adapted – community approaches to tackling their massive challenge of urbanization.

Among our researchers included a PhD final seminar by Emma Johansson on the use of art in understanding the stressors of land use change from a local perspective in Tanzania. Finlay MacGregor presented her work on the challenges of sustainable consumption and production in the coffee sector. Hannah Ruth Young (Reading University) work on attribution in climate change adaptation was also celebrated for passing her thesis.

What struck me is the juxtaposition between these examples of students and early career researchers, their attitudes, motivations and engagements, contrast so strongly with those currently in power in the free world. I see these students and early career researchers among future leaders, leading the way to figure things out by engaging with climate constrained world, rather than denying it.

The important thing here is to support these future leaders going forward. Lund University is playing a pivotal role in supporting future leaders of science and society and could do more for thinkers to congregate, develop and thrive in coming years.

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  1. How encouraging to read about the work you are doing!! What a relief with something positive! I wish you success with your work for the environment! Carin

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