“Lund University as a hub for research and education plays an important role as we take on the plethora of sustainability challenges still facing us despite of significant progress”

Earth System Governance Project kicks of its conference at Lund University this week on the topic of ‘Allocation and Access’. The conference topic emphasizes that despite significant progress over the past ten years that the World continues to face a plethora of sustainability challenges including growing inequality, coupled with urbanization, deforestation, water and food security conflicts, health and global climate change.

While there many uncertain challenges governing our World on questions of justice, democracy, power and inequality at the intersection of global environmental change there are also many important and positive developments around these very same matters addressing diversity and inclusion. Building trust within and between sectors in society is core, and Lund University as a hub for research and education on sustainability plays an important role in that endeavor by generating robust and original research and knowledge, communicating that knowledge, and in building new relationships through these processes.

LUCSUS has a vision to combine critical scholarship and with solution-based approaches. At the core of our work is the belief that sustainability is a complex field and is best understood and explained through interdisciplinary research in close collaboration with society. While LUCSUS is at a cross-road currently, it is also an exciting time. LUCSUS will continue to build its international collaboration, develop existing partnerships and contribute to building sustainability research and education within Lund University and with the broader community of local, regional and national actors. We look forward to the next 10 years of LUCSUS with great anticipation!

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