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LUMES students play CAULDRON: a tool to explore how information about the links between climate change and extreme events could be relevant to policy

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Too busy to blog – reflections on a very busy and positive year!

It has been an incredibly busy and positive year for LUCSUS in terms of research, with a number of PhDs finalising their theses on agroecology in Uganda, EU:s biofuel regulation, coastal erosion and governance in the US, and Swedish municipalities’ engagement with citizens. As lead of LUCSUS I have had my plate full! We submitted a record number of grant … Continue reading

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“Lund University as a hub for research and education plays an important role as we take on the plethora of sustainability challenges still facing us despite of significant progress”

Earth System Governance Project kicks of its conference at Lund University this week on the topic of ‘Allocation and Access’. The conference topic emphasizes that despite significant progress over the past ten years that the World continues to face a plethora of sustainability challenges including growing inequality, coupled with urbanization, deforestation, water and food security conflicts, health and global climate change. … Continue reading

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Today I Choose to Highlight Efforts by Students and Researchers to Make Our Planet Great Again

While the news about Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement has been likened to ‘a slap in the face’ to the global community, I would like to contrast this against efforts helping to make this planet great again, to quote Macron! This past week I have been engaging directly with students and future researchers in sustainability, geography, development, and climate … Continue reading

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“Universities have the potential to engage and connect people at all scales with the ‘everyday’ consequences of a warming world”

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Sustainable Superfood? Exploring Edible Insects as a Low-Impact Source of Animal Protein

Last week, a group of five LUMES students (Ebbe Andersen, Isabell Burian, Balthazar Forsberg, Lisa Necksten, and Gavin Lord) held the second of two workshops open to the public exploring edible insects as a low-impact, scalable alternative to animal meat protein. At the first event, attendees enjoyed a four-course ento-vegetarian meal accompanied by a short lecture and QA session on … Continue reading

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International Women’s day – what does it mean to you?

When I told my 6-year old daughter that it was International Women’s day today she responded “is there a day for boys too?” I replied, “it is ok for women and girls to have a special day.”* It raises the point that gender equality is not just about having the same number of women and men at the table. It … Continue reading

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Scholarship needs more than ever to look much further ahead and engage with society

Today, I will  participate in a panel discussion at the symposium Disasters Evermore: Past, Present and Future Risk in an Uncertain World. Here is a short reflection on what I will bring to the discussion. I want to highlight that when it comes to climate risk, current thinking in sustainability science is very much about what kinds of rights, access and justice questions … Continue reading

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Advancing Sustainability in a Time of Uncertainty

In my first blog post, I want to highlight the type of work we do at LUCSUS. How has our centre evolved, and what are we about? What is our role in an emerging global discourse around separation, protectionism and ‘alternative facts’? So, how has LUCSUS evolved? Over the past 10 years, LUCSUS has been a leading global Centre for … Continue reading

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